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Cancer Free Since 2019 – July 2023 Featured Healing Story

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

In 2018, Tracey was living and working abroad in Thailand when she discovered a tumor and was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. After one chemo session, she flew back home to the UK to continue treatment. After reading Radical Remission and beginning to apply all of the modalities, she flew through chemo and surgery. Going from stage 3 to “not a trace” in 5 months, today she is healthy and cancer-free.

Here is her story in her own words:

When I was diagnosed with Cancer in Thailand, I was living there with my youngest daughter who was 14 at the time and my eldest was at uni in London. I was a single parent and had been running a detox and well-being centre in Thailand ironically.

But years of stress, trauma and a very difficult marriage of 20 years to a narcissist, and a painful divorce caused me significant emotional stress. I contracted Denghi fever in Thailand and my immune system was very low. Also going through menopause, I was given HRT and oestrogen gel and the consultant kept upping the dosage.

I was on my own in Bangkok and diagnosed and started my first chemo there but a couple of incredible things happened. I am a Buddhist by faith but I sat in the waiting room of the hospital and prayed to God to take the fear away from me. I said I could get through anything if he would just take away the fear. While I sat there, immediately energy shot through the bottom of my feet through my body, and up above my head. Then it was as if a plug had been removed and it came shooting down through my body, like water out of a tank, and rushed out of the bottom of my feet.

I sat in complete stillness and all of the fear had gone. I had been told 15 minutes earlier is was stage 3 and there I was on my own in a foreign hospital and without an ounce of fear. I then sat with the consultant laughing and joking about various elements of the treatment – which was bizarre, to say the least. I flew back down to the island of Koh Samui where I was working and living and had to tell my daughter (who was halfway through her GCSEs at an international school there). I prayed again that night and said “God teach me how to heal myself so I can teach others”.

The very next day I was packing to get back to UK and getting ready for the first chemo, when I went to a juicing shop and bumped into a fellow English person who started telling me about his cancer and what he was doing. He said that he had read the Radical Remission book and that he had been living with pancreatic cancer for 10 years without treatment. He gave me lots of information, including a therapist who he said lives somewhere quite obscure (it happened to be the very same place that my ex-mum-in-law was living and I was about to stay at in the UK!).

While I was wired for chemo in Bangkok, a Thai nurse came to me to tell me about Otto Warburg. She gave me her phone to take photos of all of the info and told me not to tell her hospital boss or she would be fired. She said she didn’t know why she picked me but felt I could cure myself with it and could help others! So I studied everything, came back to the UK, and started the rest of the chemo sessions.

But in between I did ozone therapy, intravenous Vit C, Chinese herbs and acupuncture, meditation, and trained all through my treatment with my pic line still in. I shaved my own long hair off to stay one step ahead and maintained a positive attitude, went vegan.,no sugar or alcohol and a lot of vitamins.

I trained as a nutritionist and when I got the pathology results, after having 46 lymph nodes removed, the consultant told me it was incredible: “Not a Trace”. He had never seen anyone go from stage 3 to not a trace in 5 months. I continued to study and set up a website and helped as many people as I could for free to heal through their journey.

A friend had been given a palliative care leaflet and told she had secondary and that they couldn’t treat her. She came to me and followed all of the protocols I gave her and within 6 months was cancer free. I now recommend and give the Radical Remission book to anyone I hear who is facing a cancer journey. I believe that if we give the mind and body the right conditions – it can heal itself.

EDITOR’S NOTE: As of March 2023, Tracey is still cancer-free.

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