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Overcoming Breast Cancer

In 2016, Katherine was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Shocked and having young kids at the time, she followed a conventional path with the public healthcare system in New Zealand which included a full mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation and hormonal therapy.

During her treatment, she took it upon herself to eliminate all sugar, ultra processed foods, refined carbohydrates & alcohol. She gradually eliminated gluten and dairy to lower her inflammation and improve her gut health. She then started to meditate and also restarted her knitting hobby during her treatments as a form of therapy. Katherine connected with other cancer survivors which helped her navigate the intense anxiety of her diagnosis.

Today Katherine helps women who struggle with burnout, addictive behaviors and those living with chronic illness to build mental fitness and navigate the emotional trauma to feel empowered and confident.

Connect with Katherine on her website, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Listen to Katherine's story and others like it here.

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