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Cancer-Free Since 2008 – October 2022 Featured Healing Story

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

In 2008, Toyama was diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer that had spread to her lungs. Her doctor told her she had 6 months to live and that the only way to live longer would be to do chemotherapy. She first tried some conventional treatment (e.g., surgery), but declined the additional treatment. Instead, she decided to use other healing techniques, and now she is well.

This is her story in her own words:

I had an operation for colon cancer in December 2008. Then I had chemo for 6 months to prevent further cancer. In June of 2009, I was diagnosed with metastases in the lung by CT (7-8 cancers in both lungs). I then had chemotherapy for 2 months. Then I stopped taking chemo without my doctor’s permission. I am well today.

I took fucoidan about 250 ml a day. After 2 weeks there was a sign of collapse [dying off] of the cancer on the CT scan. [At least,] I thought it was a sign of collapse, but my doctors didn’t (couldn’t?) tell me the reason for the change on the CT scan. Now there is no evidence of cancer by CT and I am well.

My latest doctor visit was March 2019 for the medical check up ,which I was told there was no evidence of cancer.

I thank God for everything I have been through.


I am quite fine since then! 13 years have passed and I am 60 now! My 2 sons have grown up and we are all enjoying our precious time.

I had a medical check-up 2years ago when I had an operation for a gallbladder stone, but there was no evidence of a relapse of cancer at that time. I have not had a medical check-up since then because I don’t want to get CT scan too much anymore.

As for additional healing, I eat vegetable soup a lot and try not to do anything if it stresses me out. I try to be calm and happy every day as much as possible. I believe angels do exist around us.

I want to live my life full of gratitude. It seems like cancer has taught me the right and happy way to live. I have learned so much from my experience.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Toyama is thriving as of October 2022.

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