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Cancer-Free Since 2001 – Featured Healing Story

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

When David was 31 years old, he was diagnosed with Diffuse Large B-Cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. His life changed and the search for healing began.

Here's his story in his own words:

At 31 years old, young, strong, and a seemingly invincible Marine fighter pilot, an abrupt diagnosis of rare bone cancer in my right jaw bone grounded me. Military doctors at Bethesda’s National Naval Medical Center explained the tumor’s location defined it as a Primary Lymphoma of Bone. They could not show us a single scientific study with a patient that had survived up to 5 years with conventional therapies. A civilian second opinion confirmed my two-year terminal diagnosis. My wife and I chose a 100% alternative battleplan and God miraculously healed me with no chemo, radiation, or surgery! That was 19 years ago!

The original complaint was tooth pain leading to oral surgery to remove what was believed to be a benign periodontal cyst that was biopsied after removal. Results came back quickly determining that the mass was a Diffuse Large B-Cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Surgery was being scheduled to remove my upper right maxilla to ensure proper margins had been cleared of any residual cancer. Radiologists wanted to do radiation after surgery to an area of my skull that would no longer be in place so that was the first significant pushback that we had. Chemotherapy was recommended to follow.

My wife, Megan, and I realized the military and civilian doctors were both guessing at the best way forward. When asked for proof of success by my conventional doctors they could only present me with two scientific studies from NCI and John’s Hopkins that included a sum total of fifty others, at that time, who had also been diagnosed with a rare primary lymphoma of Bone in the head or neck region. With none of them surviving out to five years at the time of my diagnosis we chose to look at completely holistic, biological approaches to include diet and cleansing. The day I received my diagnosis everything changed, but one thing remained resolute. My faith!

After my first month of military and civilian staging and second and third opinions, Megan and I determined that the conventional options were not options for me. My wife and I chose to step out on faith and use the two years the doctors had told us that I had to live, to do research on non-traditional options in hopes to find another way.

We prayed that God would open the doors to any and all options available and within days doors were opening in the alternative realm! God provided liberally and graciously and our home was filled with peace despite the daily rollercoaster of human emotions.

We believed that pursuing an alternative cancer battle plan was our best option, yet if we wanted the offensive weapons we found to be most effective we had to know that each step forward we took through diet, etc was not being countered by a step backward in the shower each and every morning.

Having removed all toxins from our environment (our home) we now were ready to go on the offensive! I shifted to a completely raw diet of fruit smoothies in the morning with organic fruit and flax seeds or oil. The mid-morning meal was salad loaded with veggies and cancer-fighting mushrooms with nothing but pure olive oil for a dressing. This was followed by the big guns of 96 oz of veggie juice. The 96 ounces consisted of 32 oz of carrots and 64 oz of green leafy veggies like kale combined with celery and cucumber and many other nutrient-rich cancer-fighting foods. The diet plan was simple: No processed food, no dead food, no cooked food — All raw and all organic.

Diet was immediately followed by injections of 714-X which arrived a few days later from Canada. This non-FDA-approved Canadian immune-boosting product was mainly nitrogen injected paranodularly near the largest grouping of lymph nodes in the body near the groin. After a couple of months of disciplined execution, the tumor in my jaw began to shrink.

We continued the full month of treatments, and upon my return to the United States my first CT scan confirmed what I already knew in my heart and soul — I was cancer-free! It had been eleven months since my diagnosis. We had used nearly one full year of my two years that my doctors told me I had left to live. Time well spent!

It has been almost two decades since I was told I was cancer-free. Just as I had believed that God had promised, I not only beat my disease but I did also fly again for my Country! I finished my military career and retired after 25 full years of service.

During my military years my wife, Megan, and I worked around my military responsibilities to pay it forward and share with hundreds of fellow cancer Warriors our personal testimony and the battle plan we utilized.

In my first year and a half in retirement from the Marine Corps, I have written out our complete testimony and cancer battle plan in my book and am hoping to share our story with other cancer Warriors as I pursue a second 25-year career as an encourager and motivational speaker. Thanks for reading, Warrior. YOU GOT THIS!!!

EDITOR’S NOTE: As of July 2021, T-Bone is thriving post-diagnosis. Learn more about T-Bone’s story in his book, Grounded and Cured.

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