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Healed of Prostrate Cancer – Featured Healing Story

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Larry Jones is a Radical Remission survivor of aggressive prostate cancer. Diagnosed at age 64, he made the personal decision not to use conventional medicine, but rather first to try healing his cancer using other methods. Today, he currently has no evidence of cancer.

Here is his story, in his own words:

I became vegan one month after my aggressive prostate cancer diagnosis [in 2005]. My body has become extremely alkaline vs acidic as the result of diet change–and cancer cannot survive/flourish in an alkaline environment.  I did not subject my body to surgery, chemo, or radiation.

After vast research by my wife, both of us decided to become vegans to overcome health problems. She had had lupus for 15 years and was pronounced lupus free relatively soon after changing her diet. I did not have surgery, chemo, or radiation, in spite of extreme pressure to do so. Both my wife and I follow a vegan diet at home; we do now deviate from being strict vegans when eating out about once a month.

We purchase 70 to 100 pounds of carrots per week for juicing. Before noon, I consume carrot juice and water (not mixed). Our noon meal consists of a huge, raw salad. The evening meal is where we have something cooked, often including bean burgers or mixtures with brown rice or millet and steamed veggies. I continue drinking carrot juice and distilled water in the afternoon or evening until five 8-ounce bottles of carrot juice and five 8-ounce bottles of water have been consumed for the day.

This diet has brought many other health benefits my way including no joint pain, no acid reflux, and no headaches. I did experience a high-level nerve pain in my back down to my ankle last month–this was quite a shock since I had been pain free for years. That pain is now gone; my wife would want me to point out that I now try to handle 200-pound farm tractor attachments in a safer manner.

The diet and lifestyle that I chose is located at on the internet. Hallelujah Acres does not promise a cure by adopting their diet, but the body can/will cure itself when fueled properly. Regarding what might cause cancer, I believe it’s due to contaminants in our food supply and also stress.

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