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Healed from CF – Featured Healing Story

Updated: Jan 31

A healing story is much different from the perspective of a parent. Lindsey Beane experienced her son’s healing story, a story of healing from Cystic Fibrosis, from that perspective.

Here is that story in her own words.

My son was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (CF) at 8 months of age in 1993. He was a very sick little baby. We were told by the CF specialist that he would be sick all his life, he would start to seriously decline by age 10 and, after years of suffering, he would die before reaching age 29 (the average life expectancy for CF at that time).

In my desperation to save my son’s life, I added alternative healing to his treatment plan in addition to conventional medicine. I was very lucky to find seasoned professionals of 5 different alternative healing approaches. Before he was a year old, he started receiving regular acupuncture treatment, went on a daily regimen of nutritional supplements, took individualized herbal tonics, received osteopathic treatments, and took various homeopathic remedies.

By age 4, many of my son’s CF symptoms had gone away entirely and he was in terrific health (see photo above)! Today (2019), my son is 26 years old and 6 feet tall/180 pounds. He completed a year in AmeriCorps in California, is finishing up a Master’s in Public Policy, and has applied for new master’s programs in economics. He still manifests mild CF symptoms, but he is generally in excellent health!

His CF doesn’t stop him from engaging in any activity, including recreational basketball and solo travels a couple of years ago in Europe and South America. The doctors at Johns Hopkins are stunned by his recovery and sustained good health, and now consider him an outlier among their young adult CF patients (unfortunately, they show zero interest in the alternative healing approaches).

MAY 2022 UPDATE: As of May 2022, Lindsay’s son remains well and thriving post-diagnosis.

He turns 30 this year, is employed full-time in data analytics, recently bought his first home with his long-time girlfriend and their dog Chloe, and is virtually symptom-free.

In January 2000, Russell was started on Trikafta, the triple-cocktail CF “miracle drug” that targets individuals with his same mutation (F508 ∆ – the most commonly occurring mutation).

Though Russell was very healthy at the time, the CF specialists were prescribing Trikafta to all of their patients with this mutation. He’s been on Trikafta for two years now, and every single CF symptom that he had residually has either completely disappeared or decreased significantly.

I’m so grateful that his baseline when starting Trikafta was so very good thanks to a combination of conventional Western medicine and alternative healing!

NOV 2023 UPDATE: Listen to Lindsay's episode on the Radical Remission podcast!

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