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Cancer-Free Since 2017 – Featured Healing Story

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

In 2014, Linda received a phone call from her doctor with news no one ever wants to hear, “Unfortunately, it’s the worst thing we feared; you have advanced Stage 4 metastatic, inoperable, incurable, non-small cell lung cancer.”

After four conventional infusion treatments, Linda decided to take her health into her own hands by marrying traditional care, alternative care and the remission factors. 

Here is her story in her own words:

In 2014, I came home from a rollicking tennis match and saw the phone number for my doctor. I sat down, called him back and heard these words, “Unfortunately, it’s the worst thing we feared; you have advanced Stage 4 metastatic, inoperable, incurable,  non-small cell lung cancer.” That was one hundred months ago and a lot has transpired since then: some conventional treatment, lots of alternative care and tons of positive inputs in my life such as grandkids, supportive family members, meaningful service, pickleball (instead of tennis) and all the remission factors. I live in gratitude for the wonderful research of Dr.Turner and give that guidance a great deal of the credit for my current radiant health.

The following factors are of particular importance to me. With regards to deepening my spiritual connection, I feel that this is the true key to healing. I feel that I live in the Ocean of all being and It lives in me in a divinely intricate, inseparably enmeshed way. This is blissful.

With regards to having a healthy diet, I eat approximately 4-5 cups of greens per day. I skip most meat, wheat, sweets, dairy and a few other things. I supplement with trace minerals and other agents. I pay special attention to the health of my liver because I am on a daily oral dose of chemotherapy. I test/assess my liver numbers every 90 days. and make adjustments as needed.

With regards to having strong reasons for living, I adore my husband, kids and three grandkids, my sisters, mother and brother and so many other fantastic friendly folks. Our next family reunion is in a week to celebrate my Mom’s 90th birthday; I am looking forward to that.

With regards to emotional health, I have diligently attempted to deal with my negative feelings (guilt, shame, remorse, fear) and create more opportunities for positive ones to flood in every day. I try to let emotions flow through me. Daily emotions are the waves up on the surface and my deeper subsurface consciousness is calm and reassured.

With regards to having meaning, mattering and mindfulness, I facilitate a weekly healing support group for people who are dealing with challenges of all kinds. This is a wonderful social support system for about twenty of us every week.

With regards to supporting the body, I see health practitioners as needed and I follow the mantra of: Eat real food,  not too much, mostly plants. I try to support my immune system, sleep well, and exercise daily. I follow my circulating cancer cells number (CEA) and it has fallen from 6.2 to 3.2 with 3 being a normal reading. I have minimal cancer and the one little tumor that can be seen in my brain has not changed much in two years,  so I am not going to bother it with any harmful chemicals or radiation, if I can avoid that. Upon doing genomic testing, it was discovered that I have a rearrangement of the EML4-ALK genetic material, which means that there are a few targeted oral chemotherapies I can try. I take Alectinib with only minor side effects.

A cancer diagnosis is a like a huge Check Engine light coming on and then we have two choices: beat the dashboard to pieces (which harms the immune system which is the very system that can rescue us), or lift the hood and check every component under there. Then make adjustments as we feel led to do. Dr. Turner’s research gives us a great roadmap for making important life-giving adjustments.

EDITOR’S NOTE: As of June 2022, Linda is thriving post-diagnosis.

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