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Cancer-Free Since 2016

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

In 2016, radical remission user Momof3burks had been experiencing abdominal discomfort for several months. After getting an ultrasound at her OB office, she found out she had ovarian cancer which had spread to her uterus, omentum, peritoneal lining, and colon.

After receiving some conventional treatment, she decided to take control of her health with a diet change, exercise, and by maintaining a positive outlook.

Here is her story in her own words:

I had abdominal discomfort for several months, and an ultrasound at my OB office revealed a mass. CT scan showed Ovarian cancer with spreading to uterus, omentum, multiple spots on peritoneal lining and colon. Surgery included a full hysterectomy and removal of part of my colon, omentum, ovaries and any spots that could be seen on the peritoneal lining. 4 lymph nodes were removed for testing.

Pathology report stated Low-grade Serous Carcinoma and staged my cancer as 3C, due to spreading, size of tumors, and cancerous cells found in 1 of the lymph nodes removed. Recommendation was to start 6 rounds of platinum-based chemo 4 weeks after surgery. I feel like my surgeon did a good job removing everything she could see or feel.

I am a nurse who worked nights and a mom of 3 kids (ages 12,15 & 17). My husband and I were devastated by the diagnosis but knew we had to try everything we could for the sake of our children. We first hit our knees and prayed for help! God was so good and pointed us in the direction of healing from the earth. Everything we found in our research was saying the same thing. Use plants to heal you and get the rest of your life in line with being healthy.

Working nights as a NICU nurse, I barely slept, was eating terribly, not excercising and drinking a ton of sugary coffee. I was 45 and my blood pressure had increased to the point of needing medication. I truly feel that God knew this was coming for me and was just waiting for me to turn to Him for help.

Two weeks before surgery we bought a juicer, went completely vegan, started taking Juice Plus (triple the normal amount) and I stopped working all together. Daily prayer and walking on the beach began as well.

After surgery I had 4 weeks to recover before I was to start chemo. Still on the diet and lifestyle changes, we had my tumor marker checked at the 10 day post-op mark. My number was lower, but still not normal. 18 days later we checked it again. It had dropped drastically to below normal. We were shocked and I asked if I could put off chemo for a week and check it again. We did and the number got even lower. I pushed back the chemo again a few weeks this time and rechecked. It got lower again. 3 months after surgery I had a CT scan and everything was gone. Only one 10 mm lymph node noted that had been there before surgery and was 10 mm at that time.

Since then, my tumor marker has been in the “teens” (less than 35 is normal) and another CT scan at 7 months post-op showed no growth with a reduction in size of that lymph node to 8 mm. No chemo done. Just flooding my body with 1. Spiritual health, 2. Juicing, organic supplements and plant based nutrition, 3. Sleep and 4. Exercise (running 10 miles a week). Praying for continual success on this journey and trying to help others find their way to a healthy life.

I had testing done on my tumor by 6 different labs. There was no genetic component to my diagnosis. That means it was environmental. I truly feel this was due to all the toxic things I have been exposed to in my life, either advertently or inadvertently, a lack of sleep and lack of exercise. It was a perfect storm to completely undermine my body’s natural defense system and render it useless. Everyone has abnormal cells in their body. That’s all cancer is. It’s when our immune system can’t recognize and destroy them fast enough that things get out of control. That’s what happened to me. By the grace of God, I was able to find stories of others and research showing how flooding your body with plant based nutrition, and depriving the cancer cells from the things they need (i.e. Sugar) can restore the natural defenses and it worked.

EDITOR'S NOTE: As of May 2020, Momof3burks is thriving.

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