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Cancer Free since 2014 – Featured Healing Story

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

After receiving her cancer diagnosis in 2007, Sylvie Lessard healed herself starting with a focus on diet, and later integrating additional elements such as more sleep, exercise, social support, and fun. Instead of seeing cancer as the enemy, she sees it as a messenger of needed information. Her body currently shows no evidence of disease, and she is a wealth of knowledge on alternative cancer treatments.

Here is her story in her own words:

The day the cancer was confirmed, I gave in to the pressure from the surgeon and reluctantly accepted the surgery: a complete mastectomy. I was sent to the pre-admission procedures and when I got home late afternoon, my energy was totally depleted and my morale was really low. My goal after that was to figure out whose name I would put on the hospital forms in case of emergency during surgery. Not wanting to worry my parents, I chose my trusted sister.

When she called that night, she knew right away by my voice that something was wrong. I had spent the last hour or so going over the books and documents that the nurse gave me at the hospital. So, I opted for the direct approach and told her straight out what was happening and asked if I could put her name on the form. She was baffled, shocked by the news, of course, but even more so by my unusual attitude of resignation toward the inevitable surgery. She told me I was not acting at all like myself (which was true). Because, for years now, I had been the one she and many others had turned to when wanting to know more about how to deal with physical ailments the natural way. I had done a lot of research and had many books on my shelves about a variety of subjects concerning health.

She reminded me that 20 years ago, we had brought her the book Breuss Cancer Cure when her mother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer. She got the book and started reading passages from it. As we discussed the possibilities this could give me, my spirit started lifting and I then decided to take action the way I felt was truly right for me. By the end of the conversation, all my personal inner power was back & I resolved to follow the fast that was outlined in the book.

Chantal sent me the book through express mail and made the most supportive, generous offer ever: She decided to do the fast with me for a whole 3 weeks (half of the recommended time of my fast). And she kept her word. She was there for me every single day. During our fast, we talked every single night.

After I hung up with her that first night, I put aside the books I received from the hospital and never looked at those again. Then I proceeded to start my research on alternative cancer treatment. My goal was to regain perfect health. Throughout the years, I had read enough books and material to know that if you give the body what it needs, the body has the capacity to heal itself. I knew that to be true – an inner knowing, an intuition, call it what you will – but I knew it was real.

I had sometimes wondered what I would do if I ever was diagnosed with cancer. I had always thought that conventional medicine would be the last place I would look for answers. Not that I would reject treatment in the hospital if need be, but I would definitely try everything in my power before I resigned to that. Now I felt it was time to put my money where my mouth was. And so my journey began.

My first focus involved everything having to do with the physical aspect of the body. More specifically, what I put in it, how I nourished it. Not long after I started my research that faithful night, I found the book that became my major reference for the months to come, Cancer Free by Bill Hendersen.

After the painful death of his own wife to breast cancer in the 90s, he dedicated his life to sifting through and gathering data and information on the cancer industry and alternative cancer treatments which have proven to cure thousands of people, even though none have actually been acknowledged by conventional medicine. It was an excellent start to my quest.

I learned so many valuable things about the huge, money-making caner industry cancer and the fact that institutions which are seemingly there to support and defend the rights of people diagnosed with the disease have proven to be there to support and defend the financial interests of the very rich and profitable pharmaceutical companies. My resolve was to not be a guinea pig in that system.

At the same time, I did not have the energy or the need to push against that establishment. I decided to keep gathering information and to follow the voice, or the knowing, of my intuition. I was curious about the cancer that had manifested in my body and I knew it came about somehow partly because of the way my life was out of balance:

  1. Working very long hours under a lot of stress

  2. Few outlets for pleasure and rest

  3. No time to replenish my energy and do activities that made me happy

  4. Tremendous financial stress

Just to put things in context, 10 days before I received the news that the mammography showed I probably had cancer, I had received the keys to my first home. I had just finished moving in, and was still painting and getting settled in. I was totally excited, yet a bit weary since I knew owning a home was a stretch to my budget. I was ready to take up the challenge of taking on contracts on top of my full-time job in order to secure a comfortable life for me and my kids. In fact, I was in the process of accepting a contract, which was confirmed the day after I was diagnosed. I felt I had no choice but to accept it.

So, contrary to the normal trend, I never actually saw my cancer as an enemy in my body that I needed to fight and conquer. I saw it rather as a messenger, and I was totally willing to take the time to listen to what it had to tell me about the fact that my life was totally out of balance. The quest to go to the bottom of that has been an interesting one and, as you can imagine, it has been life transforming.

So, since 2007 I have done a lot of research and tried a lot of different food diets or protocols, of which these stand out:

  1. Breuss Cancer cure (book)

  2. Bill Hendersen’s protocol outlined in Cancer Free (book)

  3. Been followed by Dr. Allan Price (Vitamin C therapy and a full range of vitamins); I stopped going only because of my finances

  4. Followed a strict vegan diet

  5. Discovered emotional link to cancer through Dr. Hamer’s research (quite revealing) and many other books

  6. Was introduced to fascia therapy – a very gentle, slow, and effective kind of massage which helped me become more conscious of the mind-body connection, of the stored emotional issues trapped within my body, and of ways to better tap into my self-healing capacities; studied and obtained a two year diploma in Somato-psycho-pedagogie

  7. Explored the raw food movement and benefits of wheatgrass juicing

  8. Been followed by H. Larose, an SPP therapist and TBM practitioner

  9. Discovered the wonderful herbalist Susun Weed (bought all her books including of course Breast Cancer, Breast Health)

  10. Read the book Outsmart Your Cancer which outlines 21 different alternative ways to deal with cancer, which have all been successful; tried the Protocel protocol presented in it for some time

  11. Read up on Rick Samson’s controversial cancer cure using cannabis oil

  12. Read many spiritual books of which The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer was one; started a meditation practice

  13. Incorporated exercises in my daily routine, including yoga and Pilates; and I do a lot of walking!

  14. I have consulted a long list of books and documents and tried a large variety of diets and food. Through it all I have slowly but surely learned to trust what my body tells me to be true. When I think a thought and it makes me feel bad, or takes my energy away, I know it is not the path I need to follow. When there is energy and a strong desire for action that is triggered by a thought, something I hear or read, an insight, I know I am on the right track. Every time I have been at a crossroad not knowing what to do next or even doubting what I had done up to now, I have asked the question, “What do I need to do next?” Every single time, within 24 hours I either come across a book or someone gives me a lead or I “randomly” meet a person that provides a piece of the missing puzzle to help me along the way. I’m still very much in awe of the process!

Let’s talk about fun for a bit. In the early days of my journey when all my focus was on the food, I was totally dedicated and disciplined and going about my diet in such a thorough way, to the point of being too rigid. As I look back today, I know that inflexibility played against me because I was literally squeezing all the fun, the joy out of my life experience! Not the way to go. I know better now and am determined to bring more fun and carefree hours in my days.

Since 2012, the books I have discovered confirm more and more what I know to be true at a cellular level:

1) Lissa Rankin’s book Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself. This Doctor has done the research and gives evidence that the body has within it innate capacities to cure itself. What she describes in is sync with my own experience. And she gives 2 missing pieces of the puzzle for me: that the support system you surround yourself with and your ability to totally relax and let go of all forms of stress are key factors in our healing capacities!

That last piece of information is a vital one for me. Since 2007, my professional life has remained quite stressful; now I am consciously putting energy and time into learning to ease those feelings of stress and emotions that do not serve me. I take time to do things I thoroughly enjoy; I listen to music that uplifts me; read books for the sheer pleasure of it; watch a funny movie; laugh more; have an inspiring conversation with someone I care about, etc.

2) Joe Dispenza’s book, You Are The Placebo. Love this book which strongly brings on the healing response in my body when I read it. Here the author proves through his extensive research and numerous workshops with thousands of people, that the body does indeed have the capacity to heal itself. The focus here is not on what you put in your body (food), but on the tremendous powers of our minds to bring about changes in our physical selves. He explains in detail how to achieve such a state and he also sells meditation CDs for people to try at home. His findings don’t only concern cancer, but all diseases. We learn that the capacities of the human body are truly without limits.

3) Radical Remission by Kelly Turner, which you know about since you are on this website.

My journey continues and I am thoroughly enjoying it! I am now ready to share some of my knowledge with people who would like to know more and who are interested in taking an active part in their recovery process. Also see article in Alive & Fit Magazine Fall 2013, about my healing journey: 

EDITOR’S NOTE: As of October 2020 Sylvie is thriving in health post-diagnosis.


All is great with my health. No relapse. Still living my life true to the 10 healing factors.

My long time exploration about self-healing has brought me to Dr. Sue Morter’s teachings about energy healing. I just bought her book The energy codes. I think this might just bring my spiritual practice to a brand new level.

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