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Cancer Free Since 2006 – Featured Healing Story

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Rod is a Radical Remission survivor of recurrent prostate cancer. Diagnosed at the age of 59, he first tried Western medicine to its fullest, but after his cancer returned and was deemed inoperable, he decided to try alternative methods. Today, he has no evidence of cancer.

Here is his story in his own words:

I was first diagnosed with prostate at age 59 in 2006. I was treated by conventional medicine (43 radiation treatments), all out-patient, in Lexington, South Carolina, USA. I had no reccurrence until November 2013, while living in China.

My PSA gradually climbed to 11.2 and then I started have acute urinary problems. I saw a urinary specialist in China and was told to return to the USA for surgery. I finally was able to get appointments with my U.S. conventional doctors in April of 2014. I had acute urinary problems and a PSA of 16.82. I was biopsied and had Stage 3 inoperable prostate cancer, Gleason score of 9, and was told there was nothing they could do for me but give me “Flowmax” for my urinary problem and a “Lupron Hormone Shot” to lower the swelling. I was to return in six months to see if the could operate and remove my prostate or do cryosurgery.

My ex-sister-in-law told my son of a radiotherapy machine that might help kill the cancer cells with “radio waves”. I searched the internet and found out about the machine on “” The treatment was available in Warren, Michigan, some 800 miles away from where I was staying in Lexington, SC. I decided I would drive up there for the treatment. While looking on “Cancer Tutor” I learned about Intra-Max Vitamin and Mineral Supplement and saw it was available at the Alternative Health Clinic in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

I telephoned there and talked to a Dr. Brown. He informed me they had the Intra-Max vitamins, explained what types of treatment they had available at their clinic and that they also had the radio wave machine i was searching for. Myrtle Beach was much closer to me than Warren, Michigan, so I decided to make an appointment and seek alternative cancer treatment at the Alternative Medical Clinic of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

My original treatment plan was to start 3 weeks later, as they have many patients and are booked weeks in advance. But a week later a friend of mine said to me: “Why don’t you call and see if they can take you earlier?” – as I was having a very difficult time with control of my urine. I called Dr. Brown on Saturday and asked if there was a possibility that I could come 2 weeks earlier. He said he would have to call me back. At 2PM he called back and told me if I thought I could find a hotel in Myrtle Beach for a week (since it was Bike Week) to come on to Myrtle Beach and they would treat me starting Monday morning at 7 AM.

I drove to Myrtle Beach, SC, found a hotel room and started my new “Journey into Integrative Medicine” Monday, May 19, 2014. What a great experience!!! I learned so much about my body and my cancer. After the initial testing by Dr. Dong (a Chinese Physician), I was given a treatment plan and taught how to live a new lifestyle. A miracle happened to me there.

A Chinese Oncologist by the name of Dr. Yu Baofa from Beijing, China had been lecturing at the University of Virginia in Richmond, VA. He was a personal friend of Dr. Dong’s and would be coming to her clinic on his way back to China on Saturday the 24th of May 2014. He would speak to her patients about his patented “Integrated Treatment of Cancer”. She asked me if I would like to meet him. I said, ‘Of course.’

On Thursday, May 22nd, 2014, I met Dr. Yu Baofa at the Alternative health Clinic in Myrtle Beach, SC. Dr. Yu looked at my health records, CT Scans, Pet Scans, etc. and said to me… “If you come to China, I can help you”… Here was the Miracle… How did one American guy with Stage 3 inoperable prostate cancer run into one out of 1.4 Billion Chinese in Myrtle Beach, SC???? It can only be a “Divine Coincidence” . I said YES and the rest is history.

Drs. Brown and Dong got my immune system up and running. They taught me how to purchase and prepare my special cancer fighting lifestyle menu and off I went to China for Dr. Yu’s Integrative Cancer Treatment. 5 weeks later, I was like a new man. There are many more details. I only wish I knew about alternative treatments the first time I had prostate cancer. I am 68 and feel great.

My Spiritual Life is good. I am very grateful to my wife for here daily support, Drs Dong; Brown and Yu Baofa for their Professional Services. Most of all to God for allowing me to find “A Way Out” through Alternative and Integrative Medicine.

-Rod Miller, a Grateful Two Time Cancer Winner. (I am not compensated in any way, by any Doctor.) (Dr. Yu Baofa) (Drs. Brown and Dong)

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