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Cancer-Free Since 2004 – Featured Healing Story

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

In 1999 Jane was diagnosed with cervical cancer and then developed leukemia in 2003. By starving her cancer, she has been cancer-free for over a decade.

Here is her story in her own words:

Diagnosed with secondary cervical cancer in 1999, I managed to keep it at bay with diet, intravenous vitamin C, herbs, and supplements until 2003, when I developed leukemia, secondary to the radiotherapy and chemotherapy I had received earlier. It was at this point that I had to go beyond the usual non-conventional approaches. I put together a cocktail of off-label drugs that would ‘starve’ my cancer. Incredibly, there is now a clinic in Harley Street studying a very similar cocktail combination to my own and getting some excellent results.

Here is the timeline of my diagnoses:

  1. 1994: Initial diagnosis of cervical cancer. I underwent surgery and chemo, followed by lots of radiotherapy.

  2. 1999: Secondary in lungs and underwent surgery and another six months of strong chemo. I begged for the dose to be lowered after three rounds, which it was. Participated in the Dendritic vaccine trial and there was a possible partial response.

  3. 2003: Myelodysplasia leading to AML. It is usually swiftly fatal. I have received no conventional treatment, and no further chemo or radiotherapy is recommended.

I am extremely lucky that I had some medical training as a Chartered physiotherapist, so that I was able to grasp the medical lingo and be able to dig around in textbooks and journals and have an understanding of the disease. My decision for choosing the off-label drugs in my cocktail came from the perception that the disease was a parasite. I have written a book about my experienced called How To starve Cancer.

EDITOR’S NOTE: As of October 2020, Jane continues to thrive post-diagnosis.

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