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Two Time Breast Cancer Thriver

Di Foster is that girl next door. From the age of 13, she knew what she wanted in life and career. Affectionately known as PLAN-A.

At 31 her life hit a wobble when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, then at 38 a terminal secondary cancer. Di switched her focus and PLAN-B was devised, She began learning how to live life differently than she had intended.

Following her heart's whispers, she set out to live the best 365days. And 13 years later, she is still here and loving life.

Having experienced a radical remission (with no medical intervention her body healed), she now shares her story and the lessons learned on the way, so maybe you don’t have to.

Di Foster is a mind-shifter, business-simplifier and just so happens to have an epic-story.

To connect with Di visit her website or social media - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

Listen to Di's story and others like it here

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