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Cancer Free Since 2021 – September 2023 Featured Healing Story

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

In 2013, Christian was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Osteosarcoma with tumors in his right knee and both lungs. When conventional medicine wasn’t treating his cancer, he immersed himself into holistic healing and is now cancer-free.

Here’s his story in his own words:

As a sophomore in high school, I was experiencing knee pain. I was misdiagnosed several times and was told that I had a form of growing pains. Eventually, in November 2013, I got my diagnosis: Stage IV metastatic osteosarcoma with tumors in my right knee and both lungs.

I underwent a year of conventional therapy at Dana Farber Boston Children’s Hospital. At the time, our “saving grace” was having “the best doctors in the world here in Boston.” I did a little over a year of the MAP IE protocol – methotrexate, cisplatin, doxorubicin, ifosfamide, & etoposide. This is a brutal treatment plan that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

I’ve also had several surgeries – perhaps 5 surgeries on my right leg and at least at many thoracotomies where they cut open my side, spread my ribs, and the surgeon canvases my lungs with his fingers to find and remove calcified tumors. I ended up reaching remission and staying there until July 2020. That’s when the first chapter of my story ended, and the second chapter began.

Quotes from my oncology team were “chance of long-term survival is basically zero”, and they separately told my mom to “be glad Christian was able to graduate college.” This is when my brother Jon had a super strong intuition to go natural. From my perspective, I thought there was no way anything natural could be strong enough to help with my cancer. I thought he was crazy. I also held my doctors in high esteem and they didn’t agree with a word Jon was saying. However, I didn’t have many good options.

The doctors were recommending Etoposide which is a drug I had already had, I knew it was brutal, and the more we pushed them on it, the more they revealed how little confidence they had in it. I ended up telling my oncologist rather than starting chemo immediately I needed a 5-week wait-and-see period to get my mindset right before starting the clinical trial and to see how fast the cancer was growing. The truth was I was giving Jon’s message a shot.

In those 5 weeks, we ramped up quickly on high-dose vitamin C infusions, mistletoe therapy, and an at-home infrared sauna. After those 5 weeks in November 2020, I got another PET CT and I was shocked at the result. My cancer had shrunk a bit. It was at this moment I totally lost the blind trust I had been placing in my doctors, and I knew for better or worse, I would take Jon’s recommendations and roll the dice.  At the end of the day, he was spending countless hours researching so he was quite knowledgeable and he was a lot more hopeful of a good outcome than they were. Since then we haven’t looked back.

About a year later, I did have some cancer growth and had surgery in August 2021 to remove it. We believe this growth had to do with an overreliance on a plant-based fruit juicing diet, which works for many but I believe my case and pediatric osteosarcoma might be a bit different. A low-fat diet has resonated with me more closely and I’ve had success with it. I started working with my naturopath, Dr. Mark Bricca coming out of that surgery and he’s helped start me on TM copper chelation therapy. This has been an amazing therapy.

We learned of this by reaching out and befriending Alex Burdo and his family. Alex was featured in Radical Hope, and to this day, he is the only person in the US we’ve been able to find to have osteosarcoma and take an integrative & natural approach. Hearing his story also gave me more confidence in my path. We’ve also experimented with upwards of 50 healing strategies, everything from herbs & supplements (over 50 per day), exercise, cold plunges, earthing, acupressure, reiki, hyperbaric oxygen, ozone therapy, X39 healing patches, fasting (did 3-day water fasts every 2 weeks for 6 months). TM, high-dose vitamin C, and mistletoe therapy definitely seem to be the strongest and most directly beneficial for me, though.

EDITOR’S NOTE: As of September 2023, Christian is still cancer-free.

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