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Cancer Free Since 2020

Tara Coyote was referred to hospice care in 2019 with widespread cancer throughout her body. By diving into immense self-care, complementary medicine, the healing power of horses, the powerful energy of living in Kauai, and fierce determination, she made a remarkable recovery and has been stable for almost 4 years and in 2022 was declared ‘NED’ – No Evidence of Disease!

She is the best-selling author of the book ‘Grace, Grit & Gratitude: A Cancer Thriver’s Journey from Hospice to Full Recovery with the Healing Power of Horses’ and the children’s book ‘Comanche the Wild Mustang’.

Tara is trained as an Equine Facilitated Learning instructor to work with humans with horses in a therapeutic manner at her ranch on Kauai called Wind Horse Sanctuary. Tara believes it is always possible to find beauty within the greatest tragedy and that every challenge is present to serve us for our highest growth!

Listen to Tara's story and others like it here!

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