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Cancer-Free Since 2014

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

In 2014, ‘Elynj’ (pseudonym) was diagnosed with stage 3 axillary node invasion after she had discovered a lump in her armpit. After receiving some conventional treatment (e.g. surgery), she decided to take control of her health with other healing techniques.

Read below for her story in her own words:

I discovered a lump in my armpit in Sept 2014; the biopsy indicated cancer in one or two nodes. At first, I declined the surgery as I knew in my heart this was not good for my body. I finally agreed to have the two nodes removed (path from biopsy could not determine if my cancer was a new cancer or a state 3 recurrence from 2007), which was a big mistake.

Long story short, surgeon removed ten, five of which were cancerous. I was now stage 3. I declined chemo, radiation and aromatase-inhibiting drugs, knowing they would do more harm than good.

Meanwhile, I had begun working with various energy healers and developed an intense holistic protocol. I then started mind-therapy work in an attempt to release the emotional traumas from childhood that were apparently making me sick. I began EFT tapping, Reiki and Psychotherapy, and other healing modalities.

Come January, two more involved nodes were found. I declined surgery, and also the recommended chemo, radiation, and aromatase inhibitors. I stayed on my protocol and added the Emotion Code and more sessions with my energy healer. In April I had another sonogram. The good news is that the two nodes were still there but had not grown. The bad news is that there was another. I declined treatment. I boosted my protocol by adding Frankincense oil, and spent some time at the beach. In October my sonogram showed all clear.

I credit my healing to all of the changes I made. I will never know what, out of all what I did, made the difference, but I truly believe that if I had not healed the mind, I would not have healed the body and would surely see more cancer and that my recovery would be yet another Band-Aid. The emotional work had a silver lining.

I am a calmer and happier person now that the traumas of the past have been released and my inner calm restored. I will continue to nourish mind, body and soul. Life is good.

Cancer-free over 5 years –the only thing that I have changed since then is to rotate my supplements in order to avoid resistance.

I continue to do annual sonograms and frequent cancer marker and circulating tumor count testing.

EDITOR’S NOTE: As of April 2022, Elyn continues to thrive in health!

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