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Cancer Free Since 1987 – Featured Healing Story

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Jud P. is a Radical Remission survivor of stage 4 prostate cancer. Diagnosed at the age of 55, he combined conventional and alternative methods to overcome incredible odds. 27 years later, he currently has no evidence of disease. 

Here is his story in his own words:

In 1985, I had no symptoms. During my physical exam (rectal), [my doctor] felt two lumps in my prostate. My first blood test had a PSA of 33. In April 1987, the doctor performed surgery (removed my prostate) and said everything went well, but my PSA never did hit rock bottom. Nine months after my prostate was removed, my PSA came up rapidly. [My cancer] was aggressive and multifocal [i.e., metstatic] and [my PSA] was over 4.

My doctor wanted to refer me to radiation. I said, “What will they aim at? Since you removed my prostate?” He said, “That general area.” I said, “I’m not interested in cooking my entire pelvic area when you do not have a specific target.” So, I went to another urologist and he put me on a monthly injection of a Sub-Q Pellet and a daily pill that caused hormonal changes (hair loss, mammary enlargement, and hot flashes).

As time went on, the Sub-Q Pellet injection was every 3 months. My PSA didn’t climb anymore and went down some. At this point I got on the internet and looked for any nutritional or other things that I could find that would create an environment that would be unfavorable for the cancer cells. This included changing my diet, taking vitamins/herbs, exercising, and developing a spiritual practice.

Dr. Ron Pardini, UNR Professor of Biochemistry, told me I should start immediately on high levels of fish oil. His “nude” laboratory mice that grew human prostate cancer cells had revealed to him that fish oil was the only thing they found that had suppressed the cancers in the mice. I also used Zinc, Selenium-E capsules, Vit. C, Vit. D, and several other things.

My last urologist was Dr. Drew. Once a month, he would send a blood sample to Tulsa, OK. The [PSA] tests stayed at the bottom by this time. Later, the blood test was even more accurate, down to an almost zero level. After another year of this, Dr. Drew shook my hand. I said “Do you mean I do not have to come in for more tests or visits?” He said, “Yes. No more visits or tests. You are cured.” I said, “I thought that usually a person like me could get better for a while, and after about 5 years it would come back with a vengeance and NOTHING would stop it.” He said, “That’s right.” He admitted that apparently my nutritional approach was beneficial and even noted that on my final record.

It has been 27 years since my diagnosis and surgery. My fellow veterinarians asked me one time how I was doing since my prostate surgery. I said, “It isn’t too bad, as long as you don’t mind urine running down your leg and no sex.” Mostly a silly humorous remark, but with truth to it.

[In terms of what may have caused my cancer], [I believe] you can’t wait until you have a diagnosis to start learning about nutritional things. If you expect them to help, you must do it at the exact time of your chemo and [while] surgery has [the cancer] “down” – while the cancer cells are weak – and not after the benefits of your treatment have worn off and the surviving cells are back with a vengeance. Also, some things (like calcium) may prevent the absorption of zinc and selenium, so they shouldn’t be taken at the same time. Also, when reports say that a certain thing (e.g., selenium) doesn’t prevent cancer, the reason may be that the people [in the study] had already started taking it because they suspected the cancer before the formal diagnosis. So researchers must be very careful before coming to any conclusions (that get picked up and repeated as “fact” forever after.)

EDITOR'S NOTE: As of December 2018, Jud is well and thriving post diagnosis.

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