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20 year Metastatic Breast Cancer Thriver

Debra is a firm believer in the concept, “Believe the diagnosis, NOT the prognosis.” She was diagnosed in 1992 with Stage 1 Breast Cancer at the age of 38.

After 7 years with no signs of cancer, in 1999 developed an unrelenting cough which turned out to be inoperable Stage 4 Breast Cancer of the right lung.Rather than focusing on grim prognosis statistics, she began discovering there were patients who were exceptional and beat the odds.

This lead her on her own journey towards healing and health. In 2014, Dr. Kelly Turner’s book Radical Remission was published. Debra read it and realized her intuition had led her to the same healing factors Dr. Turner found in her research.

Debra later became a teacher and coach of Radical Remission and is also continuing to work as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (45 years in practice).

To connect with Debra, visit her coaching profile on

Listen to Debra's story and others like it here

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