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Wendy Sandona

Email Address
Wendy Sandona

Wrightstown, WI, USA


MA Counseling, Master Certified Health Coach, IGI

Languages Spoken

Teacher Specifics

I offer virtual as well as in-person coaching sessions


Wendy has always believed that people have the ability to heal when they understand what the body, mind, and spirit needs. She became a health coach after her own parents started to struggle with diseases such as breast cancer, Lyme Disease, mesenteric ischemia, and chronic pain. In the many clinics she visited, Wendy saw too many people who looked powerless and scared. She new she had to be a part of the solution. While training to become a health coach, she read "Radical Remission" and immediately knew she had to be part of this community.

Wendy's approach to coaching is holistic, partnering with clients to empower, support, and facilitate awareness and change. Wendy believes in the strengths of each of her clients, accepting them exactly as they are. Together they create a vision for their future and a pathway there.


As the owner of Nourish Wellness Counseling, Wendy provides services such as health coaching, Reiki, Interactive Guided Imagery (sm), and yoga. She holds numerous classes in the community on nutrition, movement, and mindfulness.

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