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Vicki Haylock

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Vicki Haylock

New Plymouth, New Zealand


Metastatic Breast Cancer Thriver

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I offer virtual as well as in-person coaching sessions


As a Wellness Coach I help people to live a healthier and happier life, even if they have serious health challenges like Stage IV Cancer. My role is to inspire, empower and support those on a healing journey, by sharing scientifically-proven techniques that work in conjunction with conventional treatment, or when medical treatments have failed.


I am a Certified Radical Remission health coach and workshop facilitator, a Wisdom of the Whole trained coach, and a Laughter Yoga Leader. Before this radical change in direction my work life included financial roles in the oil & gas industry; policy and communications with local government; management roles in several service businesses and not-for-profit organisations; and business coaching, business ownership and investing in property, shares and start-ups. I am also the mother of two adult daughters; and I love living in Taranaki, New Zealand, where every road leads to an adventure.


I was originally diagnosed with Stage II, ER+, HER2- breast cancer in 2017 and underwent a mastectomy, radiation and hormone treatment. I chose not to have chemotherapy.


Then in early 2020 I was diagnosed with Advanced or Stage IV breast cancer (MBC), with metastases in my bones; and a year later lung metastases were also found.


Thankfully early in my diagnosis I read several wonderful stories of recovery from cancer, and once I got over the initial shock of the diagnosis, I came to believe that “cancer is not a death sentence, it’s a wake-up call.”


Now after a mixture of conventional treatment (ovarian suppression and an aromatase inhibitor), repurposed drugs (Jane McLelland’s How to Starve Cancer protocol), and all the Radical Remission Healing Factors, my metastatic cancer is stable to improving, and I am feeling healthier and happier than I have in years!


I look forward to working with clients as they seek clarity around important decisions, make the most of their opportunities, and find the wisdom they might not realise is already within them.


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