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Tanya Newman

Email Address
Tanya Newman

Auckland, New Zealand


B.A, Dip Tchg, PGDip (Counselling). Member BCAC.

Languages Spoken


Teacher Specifics

I offer virtual as well as in-person coaching sessions


Having a breast cancer diagnosis, mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation in 2016, (at the same time as her mum who also had lung cancer) During this time she began researching and practicing a variety of healing modalities which have truly changed her life. She's a teacher and counsellor in private practice, who is passionate about helping people find emotional. physical and spiritual health and wellness and navigating their way through whatever challenges they are faced with. The research and writings of Gabor Mate around the role of the mind / body link in disease influence her practice, as do the Radical Remission healing factors and the work of Dr Kelly Turner. She loves her role as a cancer health coach.


Tanya is grateful every day for the opportunity she has to meet wonderful people through her work and walk alongside them in their search for health and wellbeing.


(Her mum is now also cancer free and thriving).

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