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Shannon Lloyd

Email Address
Shannon Lloyd

Los Angeles, CA, USA


University of Santa Monica (Psychology, MA, 2016)

University of Santa Monica (Consciousness, Health & Healing, 10 month certification program)

Radical Remissions Teacher and Workshop Leader, Certified 2023

CFJ Coaching Success School (producer, 3 years)

L4 Health & Wellness Leadership Training w/ Stephen McGhee

Life Mastery & Soul-Centered Living, University of Santa Monica (10 week certification)

3 Principles Soul-Centered Series, 10 month training with Rohini and Angus Ross (producer)

3 Principles Amy Johnson Change Coach Training Program (producer)

Advanced Spiritual Psychology, 3 month training, University of Santa Monica

Devon Bandison's Game Changer Coach Training (producer)

Mirasee Aces Program (elite coach training for entrepreneurs)

Languages Spoken

English, Spanish through Interpreter

Teacher Specifics

I offer virtual as well as in-person coaching sessions


Shannon began his journey as a health and wellness coach with his 12 step sobriety journey in 1995, after his own recovery supporting men and women in their recovery for nearly 30 years.

Shannon began his coaching journey working for the University of Santa Monica in 2014, where he worked designing a powerful online spiritual psychology coaching program with Ron & Mary Hulnick, graduating with a Master's Degree in Spiritual Psychology in 2016. At USM, he also became certified in Consciousness, Health & Healing in 2017, as well as Advanced Spiritual Psychology and Life Mastery & Soul-Centered Living.

Since USM, he has trained with and supported some of the most powerful coaches in the world, working with Steve Chandler, Devon Bandison, Steve Hardison's BEing Movement, Carolyn Freyer-Jones, Danny Iny, Amy Johnson, Dr. Bill Pettit, and many more.

When Shannon was diagnosed in 2020 with prostate cancer, he was already positioned to use this condition as another opportunity to employ his coaching strategy, using everything to create upliftment, healing and growth. At a Gleeson score of 9, he treated this with an aggressive medical approach of surgery, radiation and hormone treatment, but also embarked on a profound healing journey using all he had learned in recovery, spiritual psychology, consciousness, health & healing, psychedelic interventions, religious and spiritual healings, powerful naturopathic and integrative treatments - but what he has discovered was the most potent medicine is working with others, as well as his powerful meditation and prayer practice.

Shannon believes that our thoughts truly create powerful healing, and his specialty is not only to integrate all ten healing factors into his client's lives, but to facilitate the creation of a powerful healing mindset with his clients. Working with Shannon, you will understand that healing is creating the most powerful experience of joy, relaxation and freedom in the present moment, while being fully engaged in using the ten factors so that they become second nature, creating not only powerful potential healing potential, but manifesting a glorious life you love to live!

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