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Sarah Eglin

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Sarah Eglin

United Kingdom, Cheshire, Manchester


Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (UK) (mBANT)
Holistic Health Coach

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I offer virtual coaching sessions, both virtual and in-person workshops, and virtual 1-2-1 nutritional therapy programmes.


Sarah Eglin is a cancer thriver who is passionate about inspiring those on a cancer journey to improve their overall health and wellbeing by addressing the myriad of areas that could be contributing to their ill-health.

Sarah herself was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016 whilst 41 weeks pregnant, and underwent a unilateral mastectomy, followed by 4 rounds of chemotherapy before opting out of conventional treatment to focus on rebuilding her health from the inside out.  As a new mum her diagnosis clearly did not align with her life goals, and she quickly decided to do everything possible that would help get her health back on track.

Sarah embarked on a holistic healing journey, throwing herself wholeheartedly into addressing all the areas of her diet, lifestyle and environment that could have contributed to her diagnosis.  She was adamant that she would be around for the long-haul, and as a triathlon enthusiast prior to her diagnosis, she decided to set herself the rather ambitious goal of ‘running’ London Marathon when reaching 100 years old.  To have any hope of achieving this goal it was key that she regained her health in the short to medium term with a focus on creating a body that would thrive for the next 60 years and more specifically one in which cancer could not thrive.

Seven years on and Sarah has no evidence of disease and is pleased to be back taking part in the activities that she loves.  She recently swam the length of Lake Coniston in the UK, a 5.25-mile end to end swim, and has completed numerous long distance (>100 mile) cycle events over the last couple of years.  She has yet to complete a marathon though, and this remains her focus for the coming years, alongside balancing family life, and supporting others on their unique health journey.

Sarah is a Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner based in the UK, founder of Healthy Happy and Strong, and a holistic health coach, as well as a breast cancer thriver of 7 years.

Sarah received her Diploma in Nutritional Therapy from the College of Naturopathic Medicine (UK) and her health coaching certification from the Radical Remission Project (US). She founded Healthy, Happy and Strong in 2022.

Alongside providing essential nutrition advice where needed, it is Sarah’s mission to share the powerful benefits of the Radical Remission healing factors with the world, and to enable greater social support and connection by facilitating a virtual wellness community of thrivers.

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