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Natalie Evans

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Natalie Evans

Australian Capital Territory, Australia


BA (SoSc), Mst.Hlth.Sc

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Teacher Specifics

After a 13 year career as a psychologist Natalie has become a dedicated Health Coach


With 13 years of experience as a compassionate psychologist, Natalie has dedicated her career to empowering individuals across teenagers, adults and families, addressing issues like anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and trauma. Proficient in therapeutic modalities such as ACT, CBT, and EMDR, Natalie ensures tailored approaches for her clients.


Natalie expands her focus beyond traditional mental health. Inspired by her own journey as a cancer survivor, she now adds radical remission coaching, offering a comprehensive, whole-body perspective in her practice.


Natalie is committed to fostering lasting positive transformations. Her passion for integrated wellness goes beyond the medical model, creating a safe space to explore the interplay between mental and physical health.


Natalie seamlessly integrates psychological insights with emotional, lifestyle, and nutritional guidance. Her focus is on cultivating resilience and fostering a real sense of inner balance. Dedicated to empowering individuals to embrace a more vibrant, fulfilling life—one that goes beyond the limitations of conventional medicine and psychological therapy—her approach embraces mind, body, and spirit for holistic well-being.

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