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Manisha Bhargava

Email Address

Manisha Bhargava

Wisconsin, USA


National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, NBC-HWC
Mayo Clinic Certified Health and Wellness Coach
Radical Remission Certified Cancer Coach and Workshop Instructor
EYT, 500 hour Experienced Yoga Teacher and Mentor Trainer

Languages Spoken

English, Hindi

Teacher Specifics

I offer virtual as well as in-person coaching sessions


Wellness is more than just physical health, it has many mutually interdependent dimensions including; physical, emotional, social, occupational, intellectual and spiritual health. I pursued board certification in health and wellness coaching because it recognizes the multi-dimensional aspect of wellbeing and aims to integrate and balance these dimensions for each individual. Additionally, providing end of life care for my mom prompted me to pursure cancer coaching as I realized the critical need for pateint support alongside conventional medical care.


As a radical remission cancer coach I am here to help you navigate this challenging journey by sharing research and stories about the 10 healing factors. My coaching and yoga experience enables me to create customized self-care plans to fit each individuals unique desires and needs. We will collaborate together to figure out exactly how you can empower yourself to take charge of what you can and then allow yourself to create space for some self-compassion and grace!


It all starts with a simple conversation, feel free to email me and reach out for a *free* consultation, it will be a privelage to support you!

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