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Liz Curran

Email Address
Liz Curran

Haddon Township, NJ, USA


Co-Director of Radical Remission, Co-Founder of Health Navigators,
Co-Host Radical Remission Project Stories That Heal Podcast, Holistic Cancer Coach, Breast Cancer, Caregiver, Nationally Board Certified Health & Wellness (NBHWC) Coach

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Teacher Specifics

I offer virtual as well as in-person coaching sessions


Liz has been deeply inspired to share the power of the Radical Remission healing factors with those living with a diagnosis. After caring for her sister with an aggressive breast cancer diagnosis in 2014, she watched her sister struggle with feeling powerless to aid in her own healing. During that time, Liz believed that there had to be a roadmap out there to guide people to play a stronger role in their own healing. She believes Radical Remission (RR) is that roadmap. Moving at their own pace and setting achievable goals, Liz guides her clients to adopt the healing factors to become a foundational part of their lifestyle.

Liz is a Co-Director of the Radical Remission Project, Certified Radical Remission Workshop Instructor & Health Coach, trainer for the Radical Remission Coach Training program, and Co-Host for the Radical Remission Project Stories That Heal Podcast. It is her mission to empower others to find their voice and play an active role in their health with the foundational factors of Radical Remission.

Liz has a Master of Science Degree in International Marketing from St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia and received her health coaching certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, as well as from the Radical Remission Project. She is nationally board certified by the National Board of Health & Wellness Coaches (NBHWC).


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