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Laura Welbourn

Email Address

Laura Welbourn

Oxnard, CA, USA


Mayo Clinic Wellness Coaching Program Certificate

Languages Spoken


Teacher Specifics

I only offer virtual coaching sessions


I have had a long and rewarding career working with "at-risk" children as an educator in various institutional settings and administration. In the middle of my career, I experienced the trauma of my mother's death from breast cancer. Just a year later, I was diagnosed with the disease at age 37. Having just witnessed my mom's suffering with traditional treatment, I knew that I was not willing to repeat her experience. I dove headfirst into "alternative" approaches and inadvertently developed a new passion - healing! I have been immersed in alternative approaches to cancer and other chronic illness ever since - over 14 years! I am honored to work with people who are on their own healing journeys and always feel I learn far more from them than they do from me. Dr. Turner's Radical Remission is truly profound work, as it demonstrates the incredible variety of healing approaches and the threads they have in common. I look forward to growing and learning as I further develop my coaching practice.

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