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Justine Laidlaw

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Justine Laidlaw

Bay of Plenty, New Zealand


Functional Medicine & Integrative Cancer Coach

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I offer virtual as well as in-person coaching sessions


In 2013, at the age of 45, Justine Laidlaw faced a grim diagnosis—aggressive stage 3 Colon Cancer. After surgery, she made a bold choice, stepping away from conventional treatments and embracing a holistic approach. With a profound shift in mindset, she left behind fear, choosing hope and belief in her healing journey.


Today, Justine is thriving, mentally resilient, and cancer-free a decade since her diagnosis. Her life underwent a remarkable transformation, inspiring her to support fellow cancer patients on their holistic path to better health outcomes.


Nestled in rural Tauranga, New Zealand, on her lifestyle property, she shares her home with her husband and four furry companions. Justine dons a multitude of hats, serving as an Integrative Cancer Coach and Thermography Breast screening technician. Her passion for holistic health extends beyond clinical practice, encompassing public speaking engagements that inspire and educate.


She's also a dedicated facilitator of transformative group coaching courses known as "Healing from Within," guiding individuals through the profound realms of mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. Additionally, Justine hosts the Radical Remission 10-week workshops via Zoom for New Zealand & Australia creating vibrant spaces for those seeking comprehensive well-being.


Justine firmly believes in the power of hope, no matter the challenges we face. Holistic healing is a profound journey, but, as she's proven, we can defy the odds and reach vibrant well-being.

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