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Julia Theisen

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Julia Theisen

Dubuque, IA, USA


Triple Negative Breast Cancer thriver!

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Teacher Specifics

I only offer workshops, not one-on-one coaching


Julia is a nurse by background (1980-2000 in the UK) and, since 2004, is co-owner of Body & Soul Wellness Center and Spa in Dubuque, Iowa with her husband. She is a seasoned yoga instructor with 20+ years of facilitating classes, workshops, leading teacher trainings as well as founding the Midwest Yoga & Oneness Festival (2015-2019). She is also a certified Advanced Hypnotherapist with the Wellness Institute; a meditation teacher (training with mindfulness expert, Jon Kabat-Zinn), and a Radical Remission Workshop Leader and Coach.


Julia was diagnosed with Stage 2 Triple Negative breast cancer in 2020 and underwent 5 months of chemotherapy and bilateral mastectomy followed by natural reconstruction (using her own body tissue). She continues to manage her healing journey using holistic methods including the 10 elements of the Radical Remission research and the Metabolic Approach to Cancer (Dr. Nasha Winters) as her foundation and guide.

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