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Julia Lee

Email Address
Julia Lee

Northamptonshire, UK


Metastatic Breast Cancer Thriver
Certified: -
Radical Remission Health Coach & Workshop Instructor
Law of Attraction Coach
Compassion Key Practitioner
Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Sivananda Yoga Teacher
Raw Food Coach

Languages Spoken


Teacher Specifics

I only offer virtual coaching sessions


I feel honoured to be certified by Dr. Kelly Turner as a Radical Remission Health Coach and Workshop Instructor, and grateful to now have the opportunity to share her powerful life changing research from her books Radical Remission and Radical Hope.


I was inspired to become a Radical Remission Health Coach as a result of my own journey with cancer which began in 2015. I was immersed in a toxic environment and felt trapped and stuck. I was a relentless over giver where I gave and gave all of myself to others to the detriment of my own health. I was living with chronic stress and my life felt broken. This continued for a number of years where I didn’t prioritize taking care of myself, and as a result my body eventually broke down and I was diagnosed with cancer.


Just before I was diagnosed, I knew what the diagnosis was going to be, and sitting in that doctor’s room, waiting for the result, I knew it was a divine tap on the shoulder gifting me a permission slip to change myself and my life. I felt this pull inside of me which was longing to return back home to my true self and begin a new life aligned to a new me. I knew this wakeup call was about healing all aspects of myself; mind, emotions, body and spirit.


This led me on a quest to discover how I could truly heal back to wholeness and reconnect to my true self.  I sought out many varied teachers and healers from around the world, learning and applying what was needed to heal the totality of me.  I learned from people in both the conventional and metaphysical worlds, as I had to go deep in order to heal and reintegrate the many fragmented parts of myself. It was during this quest that I came across the wonderful book Radical Remission. It confirmed the approach I was taking, and gave me more confidence and inspiration to keep going, as I realised what I was doing to help myself was backed by science.


Once I started to use the many tools and techniques I'd discovered, both ancient and modern, I was able to heal my life and body, bringing myself back into balance, which in turn massively transformed my prognosis.  I was able to safely navigate life-limiting situations, such as being told I might be paralysed from the neck down and that I might only have weeks to live. It was at this time I learned categorically, that our diagnosis does not have to be our prognosis!


Today, I've prioritised my self-care and removed myself from my previous toxic life.  My nervous system is no longer living in constant fight or flight, and has returned to balance and calm.  I have overcome dire prognoses, healed much of the extensive cancer, have stable results and my intention continues to be for radical remission.


I now have a deep calling to serve others going through a similar cancer journey, who've neglected themselves and now desire to put themselves first again, by healing mind, emotions, body and spirit. My purpose is to empower them by sharing information and tools that will boost their immune system, expand their awareness and uplift their spirits - so they have the absolute best prospect to triumph over the odds and live a more fulfilled life than they ever thought possible.



“The wound is the place the light enters you” ~ Rumi

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