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John Henry

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John Henry

United States


Certified Radical Remission Workshop Instructor and Coach
Certified Life Wellness/Holistic Health Coach from the American Aerobic Association International (AAAI) & International Sports Medicine Association (ISMA)

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Teacher Specifics

I offer virtual as well as in-person coaching sessions


John learned about Dr. Turner's research and the Radical Remission Project not long after being diagnosed with hairy cell leukemia. From that point on his healing journey was inspired with hope and implementing the 10 healing factors. He believes that your actions or lack of action could determine your outcomes. John became a Certified Radical Remission Workshop Instructor in 2019 and shares his personal experiences and knowledge with others. He is an advocate of the 10 healing factors combined with a complementary approach when going through a chronic illness. He is willing to share his knowledge whenever an opportunity presents itself with cancer patients and their caregivers. He is currently in remission for over three years and is hopeful that along with other Radical Remission coaches, can inspire others to implement the 10 healing factors. John is now retired after thirty years in public education. During that time, he worked as a classroom teacher, at NASA headquarters as a Fellow and with the U.S Army assisting them to bring leadership and scientific and engineering opportunities to students. His last ten years in education were spent training school leaders in Sustainability and STEM education. (full professional profile - ). During his retirement, John is the co-author of Empower Trip, a book that addresses emotional health for high school students.

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