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Joanne Irwin

Email Address
Joanne Irwin

Dennis, MA, USA


M.Ed. Counseling

Languages Spoken


Teacher Specifics

I offer virtual as well as in-person coaching sessions


My professional degrees in education and counseling, along with extensive experience in social work and school counseling meld with my years of interest in nutrition, health and wellness. In 1987 my husband was diagnosed with a very rare cancer that impacts one in a half million people yearly. I read everything I could about the Mind, Body, Spirit connect in healing. The work of Dr. Carl Simonton, considered the father of psychoneuroimmunology, impacted my awareness on healing factors. With a 2 year prognosis, my husband lived beyond that for 17 years. When I read Dr. Kelly Turner's research years ago, it spoke to my heart. The factors she researched on buiilding immunity mirrored much of Dr. Simonton's work. My desire is to help people on their healing journey - share the science, listen compassionately, and encourage them to reach their goals. As a plant based culinary educator and coach, I have seen incredible changes in people's health by making dietary changes. However, nutrition is just one factor in the healing process; the Mind, Body, Spirit connect is vitally important to boosting our immune systems. I look forward to working with folks looking for support and guidance on their journey.

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