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Janelle Marion

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Janelle Marion

Folsom, CA, USA



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Hello there!


Janelle Marion here, and I am so grateful to be crossing paths with you today, even if only through this virtual connection. Thank you for allowing me to share what brought me here and for the potential to learn about what brings you here too!


Military Spouse, Mother of Two, Registered Nurse...oh my!


Sure, I'm SO MUCH MORE than those three things but let me tell you, that trio of titles sent me on a tailspin that had me quickly evaluating the way I was living my life. Let's be honest here, I wasn't living at all. Moving every 2-3 years with little social support, away from family in each new location, often working nightshift as a bedside nurse and then raising my two wildlings mainly solo during the day (thank you U.S. Army!)...I was struggling through most days just trying to stay afloat.


Enlightened by an unexpected diagnosis of Triple Negative Breast Cancer at 38 years young, I took a long hard look at how my lifestyle could be contributing to a state of dis-ease and imbalance within my body. What I discovered almost immediately was that so many things needed to shift so that I could come back into alignment.


I was gifted the book, Radical Remission, within a few days of my diagnosis and was incredibly inspired by this research and these powerful stories of hope! When a friend asked me "Why do you think you have cancer?" an opportunity was created for one of the most profound moments in my healing. I knew immediately what my heart was telling me. It was there that I got to work and I've never looked back.


I underwent a bilateral mastectomy and then made the informed decision to decline the recommended chemotherapy for my stage 1, grade 3, TNBC. I have allowed my intuition to strongly guide me in each treatment choice moving forward and am doing well today with no evidence of disease.


They say that the final stage of healing is helping others. I am elated to now be a Certified Radical Remission Health Coach to help empower and enlighten others on their path to healing.


Thank you for witnessing this brief share about my healing journey. I honor that this looks different for each one of us as humans and believe that your choices for healing can be just as unique as you are. No matter the treatment(s) you choose, I am cheering you on and sending you all the love and light as you navigate through this life terrain for yourself or someone you love.

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