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Irina E. Bock, M.D.

Email Address

Irina E. Bock, M.D.

San Diego, CA, USA & Germany


M.D./Holistic & Spiritual Life Coach/Energy Healer

Languages Spoken

Teacher Specifics

I offer virtual as well as in-person coaching sessions


Irina is an uplifting health- and life coach who draws from her unique qualifications in conventional and non-conventional medicine, combined with her personal experience as a cancer patient and energy healer. With her warm and compassionate style, she holds the hand of people going through significant health challenges and helps them find hope and courage, overcome fears, and forge their own path through the jungle of confusing options and hard decisions.


Irina strongly believes that cancer can be healed by addressing not only the body but also the emotions and beliefs we are holding. She feels when it comes to healing, keeping an open mind to all possible modalities, conventional and non-conventional, is wise. As a physician, trained in OB/GYN, Irina worked in Germany and the US (George Washington University). In addition to her roots in conventional medicine, she received an education in complementary medicine for physicians. For Irina, integrating ‘Western’ and ‘Eastern’ medicine – tailored to each person – has the potential of achieving outcomes that are truly the “Best of Two Worlds”.


Guided by a deep spiritual connection all her life, Irina is certified and has decades of experience in different energy healing modalities. She also trained as an Interactive Imagery Guide with the Academy of Guided Imagery, a yearlong training. She is using those abilities to hold the space for her clients during her "Soul Journey" sessions in which she connects them to their innermost Knowing, their own source of Higher Power, from which eternal Love and Wisdom flows. This technique is the most transformative one she has ever experienced because in this space, her clients find the answers they are seeking, and resolve of fears and beliefs that limit healing.


As a survivor of two BRCA cancers (melanoma and advanced breast cancer) and a mother of three, Irina knows first-hand what a cancer diagnosis means - not only for the person diagnosed, but for the whole family, especially when it is related to an inherited gene mutation. Yet, Irina believes that no person is a victim of their genes or diagnosis. She has proven to herself that with a positive spirit, deep trust in her own intuition, and reliance on all the healing factors life has taught her, miracles can happen. She has kept herself cancer-free for eleven years. It is her mission and greatest joy in life to help others achieve their own miracle.



- M.D. Medical School RWTH Aachen, Germany

- Duke University Integrative Medicine Certified Health Coach

- Holistic Life Coach (Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy)

- Interactive Imagery Guide (Academy of Guided Imagery)

- REIKI Master (Level III)

- Integrative Energy Therapy Master Instructor

- Sound -and Vibrational Healing Therapist (Level III)

- Bach Flower Vibrational Healing Consultant (Level II)

- Plant Based Nutrition Certificate (Cornell, Prof. T. Colin Campbell)

- Radical Remission Certified Coach and Teacher

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