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Dr. Cristina Gomez

Email Address
Dr. Cristina Gomez

Claremont, CA, USA


Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology
RR Certified Instructor

Languages Spoken

English, Spanish

Teacher Specifics

I only offer virtual coaching sessions


Dr. Cristina Gómez is a licensed psychologist and founder of Compassionate Therapy Psychology and Wellness, Inc. Dr. Gómez is a certified instructor for The Radical Remission Project, and her mission is to help people achieve optimal wellness. She is dedicated to raising awareness of how trauma impacts the body and empowering individuals to reach understanding, healing, and growth. She has worked with diverse populations in multiple settings, including education, community mental health, and private practice, including geriatrics, cancer patients, and caregivers. Dr. Gómez brings a compassionate and holistic approach to treatment.

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