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Charlotte Koesterke

Email Address

Charlotte Koesterke

Frankfurt Metropolitan Area, Germany


Life&Health Coach, Metastatic BreastCancerThriver

Languages Spoken

German, English

Teacher Specifics

I am not accepting new clients at this time


Charlotte shares the experience and knowledge of her metastatic breast cancer healing journey with those who want to heal from cancer or live with it very long, very well and joyful. Her goal is to empower cancer patients and help them to find their individual healing path.


Radical Remission plays a key role in Charlotte’s healing journey. Diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) in 2020, she combines conventional treatment (antihormonal systemic therapy) with the 10 RR healing factors, as well as two additional personal factors (Sufficient and beneficial sleep ; Remove toxic products, people and conditions from your life).


After diagnosis, she has radically changed her life, leaving her overly demanding job as a manager of an event company behind. Last year the cancer in her right breast started to grow again. She underwent breast-conserving surgery, so that her breast is cancer-free now, one year after surgery. Convinced that the metastases in her lung and bones will also go away eventually, she is planning to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary in 2041 in good health with all her friends and family.


Charlotte is a certified life coach and mediator and also certified as Radical Remission Coach.

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