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Celia de Mestral

Email Address
Celia de Mestral

Geneva, Switzerland


Radical Remission Health Coach
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Plant-based Nutritionist
Naturopathy Student
Compassionate Inquiry training

Languages Spoken

Spanish, English, French

Teacher Specifics

I offer virtual as well as in-person coaching sessions


In 2020, my life took a profound turn when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, sparking a journey of personal transformation and holistic healing. While studying nutrition at the time of my diagnosis, I realized that my vegan lifestyle since 2011 needed a significant overhaul to support my health and well-being. This realization prompted me to delve into holistic approaches to wellness.


Following surgery and one round of chemotherapy, I made the bold decision to forego conventional treatments and embrace a holistic path to healing. Motivated by my own experiences, I enrolled in the Integrative Nutrition health coaching program at IIN to deepen my understanding of how to support individuals on their healing journeys.


Guided by the insights from "Chris Beats Cancer" and "Radical Remission," I felt inspired to pursue additional training in Radical Remission to assist others facing similar challenges. Currently, in my third year of studying naturopathy and undergoing training in Compassionate Inquiry with Dr. Gabor Mate's program, I approach each client holistically, addressing their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.


I am delighted to share that I am now fully healthy and thriving. As a holistic health coach, I provide a compassionate and safe space for clients to explore their unique healing paths. My goal is to empower individuals to discover what works best for them, fostering trust and liberation in their healing journeys.



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