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Becky Sauer

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Becky Sauer

Denver, CO, USA


CNTP, Terrain Advocate Program Graduate

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I am not accepting new clients at this time


Becky was diagnosed with cancer in 2012. She quickly learned that treatment options covered by her insurance were limited to the accepted protocols for her diagnosis.


Seeking a more integrative approach to healing and recovery, she began researching nutritional therapies. She completed a certification from the Nutritional Therapy Institute in 2015.


To deepen her knowledge and learn patient-centered tools for cancer treatment, Becky studied at the Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health. In 2022, she completed the Terrain Advocate Program.


Her personal journey through cancer treatment and remission led her to the Radical Remission Project. Becky became a Certified Radical Remission Health Coach & Workshop Instructor in 2023 and looks forward to supporting cancer patients and survivors through the ten healing factors.

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