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Amanda Green

Email Address
Amanda Green

Auckland, New Zealand


BHSc (Complementary Medicine)
Radical Remission Facilitator and Coach
Myofascial Release Therapist
Diploma Natural Therapeutics

Languages Spoken


Teacher Specifics

I only offer virtual coaching sessions


Amanda has over 25 years experience as a Naturopath. Over her career she has helped thousands of people make informed decisions and take action to improve their health and vitality for the better.


Amanda has facilitated workshops and been a trainer over 3 different industries. Taking in information, making sense of it all and helping others apply what is useful is what Amanda has spent her career doing.


When Amanda was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2020 she applied all her skills and knowledge to the task of being well. Luckily this included reading the book Radical Remission.


Now as a Radical Remission coach Amanda is able to help others find their path through the maze of confusing, and sometimes conflicting, information and options so they can integrate the lessons from radical remission survivors and focus on deepening their own experiences of these 10 factors.


Amanda does all of this amidst the experience of raising her two wonderful sons and can be found in her neighbourhood each morning with her walking companion, Bella the dog.

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