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Cancer-Free Since 2019 – September 2022 Featured Healing Story

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

In July of 2018, Kim was diagnosed with Stage 4 Squamous Cell Colorectal Cancer. She started traditional forms of treatment with radiation and chemotherapy. During her journey, she decided to adjust her diet and integrate alternative medicine. Now, she feels in better health than ever before.

This is her story in her own words:

Cancer really is about healing the whole person and is just a symptom. I strongly believe one must be very proactive in their own healthcare as I experienced firsthand what a ‘business’ cancer is to the conventional big pharma world. VERY unfortunate these hospitals will not acknowledge natural healing methods.

Yes, a lot of agonizing turmoil to make the ‘leap’ and say NO and take a stand about your treatment by an oncologist or radiologist but I did it…I saw 3 oncologists and now on the 4th and after you gain the confidence to tell them what you want, so much more powerful and freeing. They don’t like it much when you educate yourself about your body’s needs and the disease and question them about ‘alternative’ methods. I understand now, they only know what they are taught. And always fall back on ‘no scientific evidence’ statement when there IS evidence out there — they just are not seeing it!

Anyway, we all know this story. After a little over a year, I am working hard to build my immune system and got an RGCC test which really helped sort out what works on my particular cells and what doesn’t. I am currently seeing a Doctor of Chinese Medicine & Homeopath who has helped tremendously. The journey is positive in many ways and I love the lifestyle changes we (my husband is very supportive and during this process threw out all his diabetes meds, lost over 30 lbs, and is doing great too!). So my story has many twists and turns and could go on but will end with Cancer is not a death sentence!!!

Health and Blessings to all,



Sept 2020, I had a second ‘targeted’ radiation on the liver for a small area and again, did it for 4 out of the 5 treatments they wanted to do. The Cystoscopy mentioned in the original story did result in nothing!

All CT and Pet scans since 2020 have been no sign of disease. I have developed some acid reflux which I never had and not sure if caused by all the radiation/chemo and harsh lingering effects but working on it with my natural healing doctors.

Since my initial post, I have added seeing an awesome Chiropractor (and still see my Acupuncture/Homeopath Dr monthly) who is a natural healer as well and has been an integral part of keeping me healthy!

I added ‘rebounding’ for exercise and love it. I rotate a variety of supplements, oils, tinctures, teas, etc. I pray a lot more and believe the ‘outside of conventional medicine’ actions mentioned above are a major part of healing from cancer.

Moffit wanted another scan recently in Oct 2022 but I decided to wait until January of 2023 as my intuition is telling me it’s fine.

I switched to Florida Cancer Specialists here in Vero Beach to order and review future tests and reach the 4.5-year ‘date’ since diagnosis pray these scans will be nonexistent after the one in January 2023. The long-distance relationship with Moffit and ‘zoom’ calls became “if there was nothing to sell for ‘treatment’ get off the call as quickly as possible” I decided to make it all local. Obviously, the plan is not to have to go to these facilities ever again!

I am listening to Chris Wark’s monthly online Q&A as I type this!

Always continue to learn, research, and help others who are suffering from a cancer diagnosis.

EDITOR’S NOTE: As of September 2022, Kim continues to thrive.

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