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Shalini Bhalla-Lucas

Email Address
Shalini Bhalla-Lucas

Nairobi, Kenya


Radical Remission Health Coach
Holistic Healer / Energy Healer
Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Coach

Languages Spoken


Teacher Specifics

I offer virtual and in-person coaching


Shalini Bhalla-Lucas is an award-winning author, entrepreneur, mental health and social commentator, motivational speaker and the founder of Just Jhoom! – a happiness and wellbeing company. She is also an accredited mindfulness and meditation teacher, energy healer, renowned dance and fitness trainer, certified happiness trainer and spiritual coach.


She is the author of 3 books including the Amazon bestseller “Always With You – A true story of love, loss… and hope”, and the self-help book “Happiness! Is It Simply A Mindset Shift?”


Shalini’s personal struggle with mental illnesses including depression, suicidal ideation and anxiety as well as physical illnesses including fibroids, endometriosis, high blood pressure and high cholesterol led her to exploring holistic ways to heal herself and keep her mind and body healthy. Following the devastating loss of her husband Jeremy to cancer, she vowed to help others cope with the disease - and so trained as a Radical Remission Health Coach.


Shalini is passionate about promoting holistic health and happiness, believing that with a little help we can all get our bodies to heal and live a life full of vitality and purpose.

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