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Kelley Giaramita

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Kelley Giaramita

Turlock, CA, USA


RN, NBC-HWC, Cancer Journey Coach, Cancer Thriver

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Teacher Specifics

I only offer virtual coaching sessions


In 2018, a few days after my first diagnosis of cancer I searched for a glimmer of hope at my local cancer center. Fortunately their social worker inspired me with the words, "There is no one right way to do this!” Soon afterwards, I heard these words again from the Cancer Journey Institute “There is no one right way. There is simply a way that feels right to you.” These wise words, along with the Cancer Journey Institute’s coach training and the Radical Remission’s healing factors, were the catalysts to start me on my radical path toward recovery. In addition, my coaching has evolved to include Embodiment Coaching especially designed for when words alone are not enough to validate one's journey and release supressed emotions.


As a seasoned coach and teacher, I am thrilled to offer coaching from the resources that moved me from being overwhelmed to be empowered during my healing journeys from stage 3 colon cancer and breast cancer!


Together let's explore what feels right to you and take the first steps on your radical journey.

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